Time warped water

Isn’t it true that the best things in life are free?

I‘m sort of a sucker when it comes to coin-operated “viewing binoculars” at scenic overlooks.

I always drop in the quarters, only to find — upon looking through the eye piece — that I was probably better off saving my money instead.

And it somehow cheapens the entire experience, as if I’d been cheated out of a promise of a better view.

That’s why I was so happy to run across a “free” viewing window along a bike path near Kelmis, Belgium.

It frames the place beside the lake where an old water-powered mill once stood.

Behind it, and unmistakable to the ear, was the sound of running water, also part of the old industrial landmark.

Talk about getting my money’s worth!

Patriotic view

Here’s a short photo tour of “Henri Chapelle” American Cemetery in Belgium.

Six decades ago it served as a pivotal turning point during WWII, better known as “the Battle of the Bulge.”

Today it commemorates that moment and those soldiers, and also provides one of the most scenic overlooks I’ve found. The view from the hill into the valley below is breathtaking.

If you look closely, you’ll see the state seal of Florida on one of the pillars of the monument, as are all the other state seals … or territories as they were at the time.