Florida weather

Florida Weather
The Book

I know what you’re thinking …

That’s kind of a bland title for a book.

Video review of the book

Only, there’s nothing bland about Florida Weather …

Neither the subject nor this book. The book is truly a gift. It opened my eyes to a place I thought – as many do when arriving from Up North – to be a seasonless land. Winsberg puts that fallacy immediately to rest by his organization of the book around the four seasons themselves: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. The simplicity of structure provides the foundation for a truly unique and impressively quantitative exploration of the four seasons, Florida style. If that sounds dry, it’s not. The book is chock full of historical anecdotes, summary maps and other interesting tidbits.

For me the book is like an old friend, as all good rereadables are. Time and time again I find myself pulling this relatively thin tome off my shelf to brush up on the season or just simply to relax. The book helped me bond with Florida.

It also made me an instant expert on the weather.

Thank you to Morton D. Winsberg and his collaborators for this wonderful book!

“Chilly” Gainesville FLA?

Usually when it comes to Florida rivalries

It’s Gainesville (UF) versus Tallahassee (FSU).

Animated chart showing the difference in temperature between Gainesville and Naples, Florida
Comparison of high and low air temperatures for Naples and “chilly” Gainesville, Florida

But when you look at the map,

Gainesville is surprisingly close to the panhandle (i.e. the continent).

A better rivalry in terms of air temperature is to compare Gainesville to further down the south Florida peninsula (i.e. Sunny Naples) as shown above.