Loop Road

Swamped pier

Actually, that’s an old logging tram.

But by “old” I mean younger than Naples Pier.

Can you see the shallowly-
submerged corduroy road?

The latter is over a hundred years old,

And has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in that span. (Click here to read a short history courtesy of Naples Daily News.)

As for the Swamp Pier,

It’s just 75 years young.

In case you were wondering,

Naples Pier has better restaurants within walking distance.

Loop in the trail

Here’s a view of Tamiami Trail looking east.

Can you see Monroe Station a few miles ahead?

Looking west down Tamiami Trail
November 2011

That’s where Tamiami meets Loop,

Here’s Monroe Station as it looked a couple decades ago.

Nearby Loop Road is “pool” spelled backwards.

Here’s a look at the intersection of Loop and Tamiami from the ground.

Actually I was standing on top of my truck.

Loop Road is on left, Tamiami on far right.

I was sort of hungry at the time.

The BAR-B-Q would have hit the spot!