Marl Prairies

Home to some of the swamp’s most sweeping landscape views, limestone caprock, soggy calcium rich soil and frequent fire conspire to sustain a marly meadow spotted with stunted trees. See more habitats:  Cypress domes | Strands and sloughsSwamp mosaic?Flood and fire | Marl Prairies | UplandsBotany | Alligators and more | Life cycle of a pond apple | mangroves

Daylight Savings effect
Cypress get an extra hour

Ever notice shifting the clocks forward …

Causes the cypress to green out?

The green-out actually takes about a month to unfold

Or is it just coincidental? Days have been slowly growing longer since December 23rd. Shifting clocks forward an hour on March 12th puts an exclamation point on the process. The next day we wake up to darkness but are treated on the evening side of the day with more sunlight. Or is it the extra hour exactly what the cypress need to fully green out? I like to think they do. I call it the Daylight Savings effect.

Ochopee Bound
Same old swamp, always worth sharing

My philosophy when I fly:

Take as many photos (and video) as I can.

Narrated video flying over Western Big Cypress National Preserve

The reason? I think I learn as much from what I see up the air as I do processing the photos (and videos) back on the ground. Yet there’s also the reality that most of the photos (and videos) we take never see the light of day. With so many people taking so many photos, one’s left to wonder if their worthwhile sharing at all?

For me it’s an emphatic yes, but only with this caveat. They say a picture is worth a thousand words (and video possibly another thousand more). But what good is a photo or a video without explanation of what it’s about, why it’s important and the subtleties it hides?

That’s where the narrative comes in handy. Maybe essential is a better word. This film may not win an Oscar, but I guarantee somebody gives it a thumbs up.