North Dakota

Naples, North Dakota

You know it’s cold in Naples Florida …

When daytime highs don’t rise above 70° F.

Winter comparison between Naples, FL and Fargo, North Dakota

Naples gets about 18 of those “frigid cold” days every winter.

Compare that to Fargo, North Dakota where they get +240 such days.

I‘m not here to say which one is colder.

Let’s just agree that each gets winter in its own peculiar way.

Real winter

Real winter is defined as …

Fargo, North Dakota.

This calendar chart shows a history of cold, very cold, super cold and “Welcome To Fargo” cold days for the Red River watershed in North Dakota


I think the calendar chart above says it all.

Or if you need a more detailed breakdown:

50% of year: daily lows drop below 32° F

25% of year: daily highs stay below 32° F

1 out of 6 days: daily lows drop below 0° F

11 days of year: do not rise above 0° F

In summary, that’s cold!