I’m not sure if the swamp is getting smaller or the city is getting closer. Population growth makes it imperative to restore and protect our natural areas.

Incredibly shrinking swamp

Remember when Old Naples was just Naples …

and everything to the east was just “swamp?”

View of Old Naples (or Naples Proper),
or once-upon-a-time was the entire town.

Me neither.

(Apparently this dragonfly doesn’t either.)

Urban fringe on the move?

The swamp doesn’t end at Big Cypress National Preserve.

The photo below was taken in a helicopter at about 500 feet in the air near the preserves northwest corner and looking northwest and shows just that: It’s cypress as far as the eye can see.

Bear Island below and Ave Maria University
off in the distance on the right.

Or is it?

At some point the swamp runs into civilization at a line in the sand called the urban fringe.

Is it me or, over time, has that line moved?