swamp buggies

Swamp buggy parade
A south Florida tradition

Everyone loves a parade, right?

In early November there’s a big one in Naples.

The first swamp buggy of Naples?

The parade is an annual tradition in Naples, FL.  Held every fall, it serves as a local reminder that good outdoor weather (after the stormy summer stretch) has finally arrived. (Caveat: we’re still waiting for it this year.) Of course it’s not riding a swamp buggy on asphalt, but getting it tire deep in water out in the woods that that has local hunters and outdoorsman and women moving into high gear.

Or in other words, time to get the buggy out of the garage!

Historical sign from Collier County Museum

Here’s more information on swamp buggies …

Including the difference between a Glades and Palm Beach buggy, for all you swamp buggy connoisseur out there.

Swamped pier

Actually, that’s an old logging tram.

But by “old” I mean younger than Naples Pier.

Can you see the shallowly-
submerged corduroy road?

The latter is over a hundred years old,

And has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in that span. (Click here to read a short history courtesy of Naples Daily News.)

As for the Swamp Pier,

It’s just 75 years young.

In case you were wondering,

Naples Pier has better restaurants within walking distance.

Rain on swamp buggy parade?

Continental-style holidays and seasonal cues …

Don’t always make sense on the south peninsula.

But come October, south Floridians of all walks of life are ready to celebrate:

The rainy season is declared officially over but the water is still high, hot and humid weather starts to subside, mosquitoes suddenly disappear, the first official cold front arrives, stone crab season opens, hunting season begins and airboat and swamp buggy enthusiasts start to swing into full gear.

That’s where the Swamp Buggy Parade comes in:

It’s the community’s long-standing tradition of welcoming the start of the dry season and all its good tidings. The only caveat is that this year it looks as if Hurricane Rina may rain on our parade.

The 62nd Annual Swamp Buggy Parade
is being held this Saturday in Naples
October 29th, 10 am – noon.

But not to worry:

We are used to getting wet in the swamp!