Turner River Road

Return of the river

As easy as the Turner River is to see today …

Just a few decades back it was obscured from view.

I love this photo: It’s a view of Turner River’s headwater pools, looking northeast.  Also, in the background, do you see that diagonal line?  That’s Turner River Road.  And the large swath of gray trees just behind the road?  That’s Turner River Strand, the primary flow way that naturally feeds water to the river … with a little help from some culverts and infilling the canal.

The reason?

The elevated Turner River Roadbed severed its headwater flows in the 1950s.

As a result the channel filled in with vegetation.

Even worse, people confused the canal with the river.

View of Turner River Road at its southern terminus (i.e. HP Williams Park) with the Tamiami Trail, looking north.  In 1996, the southern 1.5 miles of Turner River Canal that lies south of  the Tamiami Trail was filled it to wetland grade to keep water in the swamp.

The good news:

Thanks to some strategic replumbing of the offending roadbed and canal …

Turner River is a free-flowing navigable water way once again.