Swamp Uplands

A vertical rise of 2.5 feet separate the swamp’s lowest habitats from its high ground. Nose-bleeding country by no stretch, pinelands and hammocks are islands of higher and “drier” ground in the swamp. See more habitats:  Cypress domes | Strands and sloughsSwamp mosaic?Flood and fire | Marl Prairies | UplandsBotany | Alligators and more | Life cycle of a pond apple | mangroves

Revealing water

Water both covers …

And reveals the landscape.

The pine islands really pop out

That’s especially the case with a winter high stand of water where the needle-free cypress make the copious cover of water easier to see.

Real pine island
Not to be confused with an island with pines

Shown below is an island full of pine trees …

In the middle of a pond.

Water surrounding this pine island
in Everglades Nat’l Park was too deep to walk to
even in the dry season, February 2015

But don’t be confused with the real thing:

Proper pine islands in the swamp are surrounded by a sea of marl prairie and cypress, the depth of which are usually a few inches to a foot.

Pine islands and hammocks
are ephemeral islands
in the swamp

The pine islands are still dry in Big Cypress National Preserve