Swamp Uplands

A vertical rise of 2.5 feet separate the swamp’s lowest habitats from its high ground. Nose-bleeding country by no stretch, pinelands and hammocks are islands of higher and “drier” ground in the swamp. See more habitats:  Cypress domes | Strands and sloughsSwamp mosaic?Flood and fire | Marl Prairies | UplandsBotany | Alligators and more | Life cycle of a pond apple | mangroves

Pines go under!

There’s the “wet season” …

And then there’s “peak water” wet season.

A graph showing this year so far,
compared to last year and long-term norms

I‘m not saying the water may not inch up higher yet,

Or just as quickly drop down a notch.

What I can say is water is up in the mesic pines.

That means pretty much the entire preserve is submerged

Very shallowly of course.