“Trail effects”

Ever drive (or fly) over a road …

And notice a difference across either side?

Tamiami Trail
in the Big Cypress
looking west

That happened to me two days ago flying over the Tamiami Trail.

The photo above was taken in Big Cypress National Preserve just over Kirby Storter boardwalk looking west.  The reason for the difference, north and south, was because of a recent prescribed burn, a week or two old.

Tamiami Trail
in the Evergaldes
looking east

The second photo is also of the Tamiami Trail, taken further in to the east (and looking east) in the Everglades.  In this case the Trail is acting as a dam, pooling water in Water Conservation Area 3A (to the left, i.e. north) with shallower water in Everglades National Park to the right (to the right, i.e. south).

Do you see the kink in the road ahead?

Just past that a few miles is the new one-mile bridge.

The restoration goal is to shift the pooled water there.

Water is routed to the
bridge through the
L-29 Canal

The S-333 and emergency pumps at the S-355 actively sending water to the bridge now.

Flow to the bridge has to be routed through a canal called the L-29 first.

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