Training Certificates
How do I get credit for water courses?

Many have asked:

Am I eligible for an advanced degree (or equivalent certificate, even a plaque) upon completing a Go Hydrology lecture?

Never perfect, always interesting

Good news: The answer is yes.

And even better, it’s all based on the honor system.

Here at Go Hydrology we know that many people like to decorate their walls with commemorative plaques, framed photographs and other paraphernalia that touts who they are, what they’ve done and why they are so qualified. No such wall is complete without a hydrology certificate. Sure, you could go for a Master’s Degree, a professional license, or even get your Ph.D., but not matter how ornately framed any of those certificates, wouldn’t the wall always be a little bit bare without a Go Hydrology certificate tying it all together.

Frankly folks, you can’t be properly educated without updated and locally-relevant water cycle credentials. If you were previously accredited in a water cycle outside of your current watershed or in a different state, it complements but does not replace local water cycle credentials.

And that’s where Go Hydrology steps in to help.

Please print upon completing a lecture


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