Traveling paws

As far as they roam on a daily basis, you would think panthers were driving around on four wheels.

Of course highways and the vehicles that drive on them – most often at night – are a primary culprit of how panthers get killed.

Enter wildlife under-crossings …

Better known as panther crossings here in the swamp:

They are the gateways for panthers to paw their way through the swamps without touching pavement.

There’s an increase in panthers and pavement in their territory.

People are pushing to get in …

And vice versa:

Panthers are finding a way to get out (across the Everglades, on the outskirts of town, north of the Caloosahatchee). The current population estimated to be around 100-120, up from just a dozen or so in the 1980s.

Presumably they’ll figure out ways to cross roads outside southwest Florida,

Only in those areas – wherever they find them:

They probably won’t be labeled specifically for panthers …

Just wildlife crossings instead.

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