Tree planting ceremony
Man of Honor: In memory of Billy Joiner

It’s never a bad time to “plant a tree,”

Especially when it honors a man who loved them.

Billy gave a voice to the trees

Billy Joiner was one such person. I cannot lay claim to being one of his closest friends, as I knew him only in passing and other people knew him much better than me. But what I can say is that whenever we spoke — and if I was in a crowd, he’d always seek me out — he always had something interesting to say, and questions to ask. He wanted to know about the water and tell me everything he saw. Billy’s job put him out in the woods and on the back country trails for long stretches of time. We also worked together on adding fill into canals to help steer water back in the swamp. Besides being just very personable, Billy was what you would describe as a “people person,” he was very (and I mean very) high energy, and he always had a sparkle in his eye and a skip in his step. I cannot write a song for everybody out there, but am certainly glad I could for Billy. If only he could have listened to it first (sigh).

Thank you Billy Joiner for all that you did!

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