Trendy lines

Sometimes hydrology is trendy.

And I’m not talking about the “trend lines!”

When water levels start rising off the chart or dropping to the bottom of the barrel … everyone is looking, worrying, or trying to come up with an answer on how to get it going the other way.

But once they drop down to medium, no one seems to care.

My brand of hydrology of course is that I never stop looking … as best I can.

Case in point is over in the Everglades at Water Conservation Area 3A. 

Fay pushed it up into the high country of the tree islands in September, and then it got another push a few weeks later, putting it at 4 feet deep in early October.

That had everyone looking, and waiting, and wondering … what’s going to happen when we get the next storm arrives.

It didn’t.

But I kept watching.

Water depths in southern 3A are currently around 2.5 feet deep. That’s as deep as you’ll find water anywhere in the Everglades. 

That’s even “wet season” deep in Big Cypress right next door, for which you’d need a divining rod to find water now:

It’s mostly dry as far as the eye can see in the land of cypress.

When’s the last time it went dry over in 3A?

Answer: 20 years ago (1989).

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