Trick or treat?
And some years right in between, but rarely

October is a “hit or miss” rainfall month.

It alternates between bountiful and barely any rain at all.

The reason? Blame it on tropical moisture. With the rain machine shutting down in the first week or so of the month, the remainder depends on the last gasp of whatever the tropics have left. Over the long-haul, October falls right in the middle with four inches of rain. That’s half as much as a core summer month and twice as much as a typical 30-day dry season span. But don’t let the long-term average confuse you. It’s an imaginary number. Yes, some years we get about 4 inches on the nose. But usually October picks a side. All it takes is one big rain to give the wet season new life. Or a run of dry weeks to slide the dry season into an early start.

So will this October be a trick or a treat? Answer: We won’t know for sure until October 31st, Halloween.

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