Tutorial: Drought Cheatsheet
Why the swamp dries out faster than the Glades

There’s two types of drought in Florida:

Meteorologic and ecological (i.e. based on the ground).

Bob explains the ins and outs of his Soil Moisture Cheatsheet

This is especially the case in the natural lands south of Lake Okeechobee. Hydroperiod is the catch-all term to describe the duration that water persists in any given habitat throughout the year. In the Big Cypress, the term doesn’t work as well, with “soil moisture” replacing it as the operative term. So long as soils are hydric (i.e. moist) they play a powerful influence on keeping seasonal susceptibility to drought at bay, and in particularly prevent large and uncontained wildfires from springing up.

In the tutorial above, Bob explains both how he created and how you can use his weekly-updated cheat sheet to better understand (and drill down into) the subtle differences between spring drought in the Big Cypress versus the Everglades.

A closer look at the cheatsheet

Find out more about the Go Hydrology Cheatsheets at https://gohydrology.org/cheatsheets/.

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Rule: “The swamp is a flood and fire adapted ecosystem. Every square inch of flora and fauna depend on a goldilock’s return interval and dosage of flood and fire. So goes flood and fire, so goes the swamp.” Bob says

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