Bountiful rainfall

How much rain does it take …

To fill up the swamp?

Historic rain chart for October and November

Answer: This October and November combined to deliver 12.5 inches of rain. That’s two and a half times the normal rainfall for the two month span.

And was enough to do the job.

Eta-flooded marl prairie (and dome)

More about November rains:

They make every drop count. Unlike summer rains that evaporate into the warm air and abetted by transpiring plants, Eta coincided with the onset of the swamp’s low evapotranspiration period, a span that typically lasts from November through February. That leaves only gravity and a very flat swamp to drain the water off, a process that is always slow but even more so this year due to the the coastal area south of the Tamiami Trail being already flooded prior to Eta passing through.

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