Ultimate source of every structure

Each structure depends on the next working our way upstream,

But ultimately they all get their water from a single source.

Rain is the the ultimate source of water
to all of south Florida’s structures

The problem is that source is off to a slow start.

Nor have we yet had a signature soak.

This graph shows the seven-day running rainfall total for south Florida (in blue) compared to the long-term seven day running median (black line).  It takes a couple of weeks of normal wet season rain to refill the wetlands, especially after such a dry spring.  Can yous see the big rain event in late January?  Spring levels would have been considerably lower had we not had that storm. The wet season usually winds down around Columbus Day in early October as indicated on the bottom right hand side of the graph. 

Not that there isn’t still time: It’s a long wet season ahead.

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