Unofficial cold front arrives!

Cold and crisp weather – finally!

We couldn’t have asked for better weekend weather.

Official or not …
That air felt good!

The only problem:

It wasn’t an officially sanctioned cold front.

Thus, if you were like me, I completely ignored the air.

What does it take to be official?

According to Morton D. Winsberg – weather expert nonpareil of Florida, i.e., author of Florida Weather – the arrival of the first cool mass of air from the North is defined as the first two consecutive nights that drop below 60° F. Saturday and Sunday night were 66° F and 68° F, respectively.

I’m looking forward to more to come!

When will that occur?

Not this week.

The forecast calls for nighttime lows to rise back into the 70s.

Summer stretches into October on the south peninsula!

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