US mail

About half way between Lontzen and Montzen, not too far from the German border — on a mapless bike ride over the hilly terrain of eastern Belgium, I caught a glimpse of this mailbox out of the corner of my eye.

To be sure I circled back around.

And yes, I was right — or rather the corner of my eye was right:

The shiny silver mailbox read “US Mail” with the American bald eagle on it.

It’s amazing what we can see, with such accuracy, in a glimpse.

As it turns out, the mailbox is situated on the rolling hills where the Battle of the Bulge unfolded, a major turning point in World War II.

It’s been a week of non-stop sun in Belgium, much like shown in these photos. Today was hot. Not Florida hot, but maybe Boston summer hot.

And I’ve noticed the water line in the rain barrels has been steadily dropping.

But there’s news of a change in the weather to the colder and wetter, including a thunderstorm.
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