Very utilitarian cycle
Better than the seasons and calendar year

Not only is the water cycle fun …

It’s also very practical.

Everyone’s a winner with the water cycle

Think about it: The calendar year is fatally flawed. Its start in January falls in the middle of the winter dry season. True connoisseurs of the water year know that if you want to accurately track hydrologic happenings in south Florida you need to start in May with the onset of the summer rains and lump November through April into a single dry season tally — not split it into two like the calendar year slackers will want you to do.

Even worse: Nor do the four seasons jive with water cycles two major halves — it’s wet season and dry season. The summer wet season overlaps with one spring, three summer and one fall month. Meanwhile, the winter dry season is comprised by two fall, three winter and two spring months. Yes, I agree — it’s all messed up. That’s where the water cycle steps in to save the day.

In sum, the water cycle is just a great way to stay in tune with nature at large, and water resources stewardship, too. You can’t manage the water if you don’t have your finger on its pulse. That’s where water cycle awareness factors in the most. Even better: It’s free.

water cycle

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