View of Town Bluff

Here’s a short video clip of BA Steinhagen Reservoir, Town Bluff Dam, and the headwaters of the Lower Neches River in East Texas.  
Big Thicket National Preserve manages 80 miles of Neches River corridor starting downstream of the dam, and several of the tributary corridors that feed into the Neches.
Texas’ Big Thicket National Preserve and south Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve are both units of the National Park System.  
Intererestingly, both were established by Congress on the same day back in 1974 … and were also the first of a new type of NPS unit, called “preserves.”  Currently, there are around twenty “preserve/reserve” units in the National Park system, and around four hundred units in total.
Some of the more famous “parks” include Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon.
Speaking of the Grand Canyon, notice the steep bluffs at the end of the video clip.  
That’s how Town Bluff got its name, and where the rain gage shown in the previous post is located.
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