Wagonwheel Road

At first glance, Wagonwheel Road might strike the unsuspecting visitor as a simple limerock road through the swamps. A closer look shows that it to be somewhat more complicated, as usual.

The 6 mile long road is actually split in two parts, each of which are 3 miles long.

Its “lower half” — which we call Lower Wagonwheel Road — runs straight through the heart of Deep Lake Strand.
It intersects with SR29 (close to the entrance to Fakahatchee Strand) on its western end — and then seemingly dead ends at Birdon Road 3 miles to the east. (Its intersection with Birdon Road (far left) is shown in photo above, looking to southeast).
But take a left up Birdon Road and travel north for about a mile, and that takes you to Wagonwheel’s upper half.
We call that part Upper Wagonwheel Road (shown below, looking east, with Birdon in foreground and Upper Wagonwheel Road in the background)
It’s home to some of the prettiest open vistas of wet prairie in the preserve.

And well worth the drive … That’s assuming gas is still under $4 per gallon!
Two questions remain: (1) why is it called Wagonwheel, and (2) which is the correct spelling: Wagonwheel as one word, or Wagon Wheel as two words. I’ve routinely see it spelled both ways.
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