Waiting is the hardest part

Naples awaits the first sign of fall (after a long hot summer) the same way the north country waits – in baited breath (after a long cold winter) – for the rejoiceful sight of the crocus spring bloom.

Warm weather is soon to follow.

In Naples case, it’s the thermometers first plummet (on consecutive nights) below the 60º F mark that serves as the bell weather than fall will be here soon.

Half way through October we’re still waiting,

But that’s not that unusual.

Last year it didn’t happen until late October, the year before in early November. Historically, over the past 50 years, that bell weather has rung in 95 percent of the time by the 4th week of November.

That’s a date that coincides with the dip of average annual nighttime lows below the 60º F mark.

Here in Naples we call that fall!

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