Walk down memory swamp

Here’s a walk down memory lane:

This chart lets you quickly see how high or low or long the swamp flooded (or stayed dry) from 1992 to present.

The calendar chart above shows the history of surface water flooding in Big Cypress National Preserve, from 1992 to present.  The general ecological location, i.e. habitat type, of the wetting front is indicated by the color coding.  Cool colors indicate times of high water, green when low lying areas are still full of water, and then orange and red when surface water is getting harder and harder to find.  Can you see where we are now?  Areas of no color coding at all means that the surface water has virtually vanished.  This is the driest the preserve has been in the middle of May since 2011.  Can you see how last year’s rainy season got off to a very quick start?

It’s about as dry it can get now.

That could change quickly with the rainy season ready to start.

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