Warm socks for thermal shock

You know it’s cold in Naples, Florida …

If you wake up in the morning and decide it’s a thermal necessity to wear socks.

There haven’t been so few cold nights since 1991

That hasn’t happened all that much this winter, but Sunday was one of them. I also wore long pants and long sleeves. By the end of the day, instead of watching the sun set, I sat in the car looking through the window instead. The wind was simply too brisk.

We’re a tough breed down on the peninsula state!

The official count (so far) is eleven.

That’s how many nights have dropped to 50° F or below. The previous winter (Nov 2010 – March 2011) we had 40 such nights and 41 the winter before (Nov 2009 – March 2010).

Green, blue and red points highlight
the nights that dropped below 50 degrees

By any measure (except Sunday),

This winter has been mild.

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