Warm Thankgiving memories

Warm memories of Thanksgivings past, buttressed by simmering stoves and roasting ovens on the inside, are counter balanced by equal “outside” servings of chills to the cheek and toes that just won’t seem to get warm.

Not that Baltimore, Maryland was the icy arctic (or even the rolling woods of its outer hinterlands – better known as Kingsville, USA), but still:

It was routine practice to store the bushels of beverages and oysters on the porch out back, and at times – during the night – bringing them back inside for fear of them freezing.

Here in Naples, Florida the concern is just the opposite:

Food spoils and liquids turn lukewarm if left in open air unattended.

This year temperatures are expected to drop below 60 in the pre dawn hours before rising into the 70s by turkey carving time.

Yes that’s toasty warm for the northern folks up the continent, but it’s splendidly cool a peninsular Floridian:

Four of our past 10 Thanksgivings have risen into the 80s.

Even our coolest Thanksgivings (i.e., 2000) find a way to rise into the low 70s by mid day.

Whatever the temperature, and wherever you may be:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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