Warm winter days
But save the sweater for summer!

It’s easy to confuse winter …

For summer in south Florida.

Chart showing winter warmth in Naples FLA, 1970 – present

The reason?

Around half the winter rises up to or above 80° F. That qualifies as summer-like weather if you’re from Up North.

This winter only about 40 percent of the days rose above 80° F, markedly down from the previous five winters. But look at the three-year run of cool winters from 2008 to 2010 when only a quarter of the winter days in Naples broke the 80 degree plane. Or the scorching hot winters of the early 70s when the winter mercury mark topped 80 three times as much.

My point?

In south Florida we often mistaken winter for summer, but rarely do we get it confused the other way around. (That doesn’t mean you don’t need a sweater in the summer when the air conditioning is too low!)

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