Was October wet or dry?

The final wet season numbers are in.

October’s three Big Rain Days boosted the final tally.

Click here to see a wet season
rain chart for your basin.

But a closer look reveals that – absent those three days:

October would have been largely dry.

Of course that’s not unusual for October:

The start of the month sees the regular cycle afternoon showers shut down for the winter. That gives the month a feast or famine signature dependant on the mercurial path of tropics disturbances and the push and pull of continental fronts …

Or a combination of the two.

Can you see October’s three
Big Rain Days on the graph above?

Click here to see them even clearer.

Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve averages 55 inches of rain: 43 inches of which falls during the six months of the summer wet season (from May through October) and 12 inches of which falls during the winter dry season (from November through April.)

This year’s wet season total was about forty five.

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