Watch your wallet!

Aerial photography will give you a good view …

But it won’t tell you how deep it is down there.

For that you’ll need a hydrologic calendar.

This particular one is for the Everglades deepest spot, southern Water Conservation Area 3A where waters back up behind the Tamiami Trail. The great thing about this graph is that it can transport you back into time. Alternatively, you can seamlessly compare current conditions (i.e., where we are today) with previous years or previous seasons.

Who’s that multi-colored guy at the top?

He helps you decode water depths (as measured from the spongy “slough floor”) in more easy to relate to body height units. For example, water depths are currently just under 3 feet deep …

Or in other words about hip high.

While I would caution people to be sure to move their wallets to their shirt pocket as a precaution – and button that button so it doesn’t fall out – nobody in sane mind is walking through that water …

That’s airboat country:

They are skimming the surface instead.

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