Instructional kit
Perils of doing it yourself

You see them all the time in text books:

“Still life” diagrams of the water cycle.

As pretty as they look ….

The real trick is getting them to spin.

Easier said than done:

As multi-disciplinary as those diagrams appear (or proselytize) to be, they have a starchy and static and sort of abstract quality, as if they are stuck in time and their arrows stuck-in-place as if to say “yes, this is how the water cycle works, but don’t bother with the exact numbers or where all the water is now as we speak because it’s too complicated to know.” The truth is: Weather people tend to stick to the sky, and the water suppliers focus on what’s coming out of the ground, and home owners on their sprinkler heads, and gate keepers on their individual gates.

But what if we could unite the water cycle, each gear great and small …

And watch them them spin around in real time?

Water is all around us, and constantly in motion

Trust me,

It’s harder than it looks.

One wrong turn and all the water runs out.

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