Water cycle jetty

There’s an old salt water saying that “a rising tide raises all vessels.”

But what if the water is incredibly salty … and falling?

That sounds a lot like the curious case of Utah’s Great Salt Lake:

(1) It’s 3-5 times saltier than ocean water and (2) when it drops below 4197 feet above sea level it exposes one of the nation’s most beguiling examples of land art (although in this case I prefer to call it “water” art) called “Spiral Jetty,” by renowned sculpture Robert Smithson.

“Spiral Jetty” was created in 1970 at the tail end of an extended period of low water, promptly thereafter going underwater for the next three decades, before finally reappearing again as the briny water in Great Salt Lake has receded in recent years.

I’ve heard about artwork going in and out of fashion over the decades …but never one tied so intimately to the hydrological cycle,

And circularly shaped to match!

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