Water cycle sticker

Everyone knows where to get a “beach sticker” to gain access to Collier County’s internationally-acclaimed beaches,

But where does one go to gain access into the interior freshwater wonderland of Collier County and beyond?

For that you’ll need the South Florida Watershed Journal.

It’s your “online passport” into the inner realm of south Florida’s water cycle and interconnected water ways.

It’s a hydrologic “Rosetta Stone” that helps you see the Big Cypress, Everglades, Lake Okeechobee (and more) through the eyes of a hydrologist as the numbers come in.

And in a way that is fun and easy to digest.

Even better: it’s free!
(Just like the beach sticker.)

That being said, I did get a parking ticket the other day at the beach.

I hadn’t noticed that my beach sticker had expired.

The irony was that I had a bunch of quarters in my pocket at the time, that I could have easily fed into the parking meter had I known about my recently expired sticker.

But all is well that ends well.

I stopped by the county complex, made good on my $22 fine, got my new sticker (for free), and was on my way.

Good to go for another two years.


You can check out more skywatch images from around the world at the SkyWatch site.

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