Commuter cloud

Ever have the feeling …

A cloud’s been following you around all day?

Expect clouds on your summer commute ride home

Not to worry:

That’s just a sign that the pattern of afternoon summer showers is starting to rev back up. Typically, the storms start their journey in the middle of the swamp and then drift slowly to the west. That’s why if you live in Naples you’ll often see them following you on your way home, and then eventually later that night it may rain.

Cloud in the rearview mirror, looking East, on the Tamiami Trail
Sunnier view looking west

Look for the clouds to become more frequent in May and June. Typically the two months combine to give us 13 inches of rain.

A few years back (2017) we got twice as much.

May and June rains fill up the swamp.

And rest assured, they are friendly clouds.

Just remember to slow down and drive safely.

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