Water whisperer

North wind is bearing down …

And the afternoon sun is at its lowest angle.

You may notice that my voice came through too soft.

That’s because I’m testing out new video software which I haven’t one hundred percent figured out.  My old system is now obsolete (and no longer functioning),so if you want to hear it you’ll have to turn it up.  I was stubborn about the shift.  It’s probably been a good year (maybe more) since I’ve made a video.  Funny how time flies.

And ironic, too.

Turns out I was stuck for that long on my 99th video.  This one, imperfect as it is, is my one hundredth upload to YouTube.  Here’s to hoping my next one is better and here’s also to a little “oh, well.” Go Hydrology is less about producing a polished product than it is trailblazing undeterred down that soggy path, my prints filling with water as I go, chasing down what tangential truths I can unravel from the water cycle as it unfolds.

At least so far, I am continuously surprised.

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