After Hours

Water doesn’t sleep at night, nor does a hydrologist (at least not right away). Join us around the campfire to for some good old fashioned programming.

L-28 Campfire Concert
Keep on rocking in the water world

The L-28 is the de facto line in the sand …

Between the Big Cypress and Everglades, right?

Bobby Angel sings a 3-song set from the levee

Join folk star Bobby Angel around the campfire as he explores the mysteries of a levee (and adjacent canal) that forms an artificial boundary between two ecosystems that are actually one and the same. Bobby Angel’s song set includes (1) Midstream, (2) Pretend It Never Happened and (3) Jaws of the Glades. Find out more about the singer/songwriter at his website

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Quotable: “You don’t need a hydrologist to know which way the water flows.” Bobby Angel

Bobby Angel Campfire

Ballad of a Florida Panther
Engineer and panther forge a lasting bond

How to you make a road safe …

for the panthers (and other animals) that cross it?

Bobby Angel is a troubadour of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

In this Bobby Angel standard, the singer/songwriter recounts the story of a transportation engineer named Krista who was called in to help prevent panthers from getting hit by vehicles on the Tamiami Trail. It’s one of the swamp’s most scenic roads, but also one that crossing wildlife often finds itself in harms way. At some point the song veers off into fantasy with the transportation planner and panther escaping into nature and forging a relationship for life — but is it fantasy, really, or just how life should really be? To answer that question, you’ll have to watch the video and judge for yourself.

Be sure to stay on after the song to hear an interview with Bobby Angel about the song. Topics discussed include an exclusive inside scoop on the making of the smash hit, including never before revealed details on his first sighting of (what he thought initially) was a “large dog,” why they used to be more rare than seeing Ivory-billed woodpeckers, the movie magic of he videos opening scene, and how the use of silhouettes really make the video pop.

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Concert at Lake Flirt
And why the water fall never went away

Lake Flirt vanished long ago …

Or is it still there, hiding in plain sight?

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Join singer/songwriter Bobby Angel around the campfire at the banks of Old Lake Flirt where through a series of campfire crackles, singing and storytelling — and one or two special guest — Lake Flirt (and the old rapid run) magically comes back to life. Really, that’s what a Bobby Angel Campfires is all about: Getting back to discussing how things once were, are now and may somehow in the future turn out; and most of all having a conversation with nature.

Find out more about Bobby Angel at his website.


Dinosaur interviews himself
What a wonderful guest!

What’s the secret …

To a good interview?

Firelight Radio is available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean

Some would say ample research on the topic you’re trying to discuss.  Others would say having a good set of questions.  Still others would say inviting in a good guest.  But for me, the secret to a good interview starts with the host.  It isn’t so much the questions or the answers as it is the good conversation to be had.  And really, for that to occur: Is there really a need for anyone else?  Answer: I would say yes.  The caveat is you better be comfortable having a dialog with yourself first.  And that’s why in many ways this is a breakthrough interview. 

Among the topics we cover:  My new idea for a great app, new details on the Time of Great Phonelessness (i.e. Before Phones), how phones stole our memories, the difference between prescient and clairvoyant, why a ranger kept returning to the swamp and what made him stop, the difference between a tree and a large blade of grass, why cigarettes are healthier than cell phones, how banjos went viral, and more.

Ode to the Catskills
And the thirsty city downstream

This song celebrates both

Small time life and the big city downstream.

And ode to a small town along the Hudson

Specifically, the town is Tivoli and the city is New York. They are connected by the Hudson River, by a train and by aqueducts that give New York City its water supply. You might ask: Does the Catskill region get any thing out of the deal. For one, the watersheds that feed the reservoirs and eventually flow through the aqueducts are protected open space. I’m not saying that cross basin water transfers are always a good thing, but in this case, I think it’s an example of a state making good use of its water and helping to protect nature, too.

As for the song, I wrote it on a visit to see my brother who used to live in Dutchess County, New York. As for Tivoli, it’s claim to fame in my heart is a restaurant called Pongo. I doubt its still there, but the memory remains. And all the characters in the song are real, one of which is me.