All season spring
Sheet flow and spring flow compared

Florida’s Silver Spring …

Almost looks like it’s boiling.

The swamp’s sheet flow and Ocala’s Silver spring are currently flowing at about the same rate

And during the winter it is quite warm. But only because the air temperature is cold, or cooler than the water below. So yes, it is therapeutic to swim in during the winter at the same time getting out is quite cold. Paradoxically, the same boil of water water turns refreshingly cool each summer. And not because it’s appreciably cooler. Rather, the onset of Florida’s hot and humid season makes a plunge underneath its surface invigoratingly crisp.

The magic behind Florida’s freshwater springs are that they are ground-water fed. That keeps its water at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps it at a fairly constant flow rate all year round. Compare that the boom and bust wet and dry season cycle of the swamp’s sheet flow.

Which one flows more? At one spot, I’ll go with the springs. But spread out across the landscape, the swamp wins every time. Caveat: It has to be summer.

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