WCA Glades Megagraph
As much as we could pack into one hydrograph

What did Eta do to the Everglades?

It depends what part of the Everglades you mean.

KOE in action

Last time I looked it’s a big ecosystem.

A graph only a hydrologist could love

This chart tries to provide a summary, but also specifically break it down by region, too. For example, the S-12s peaked at around 6,000 cfs in November and December. They are currently down to less than a sixth of that. And slough depth in WCA3A peaked at 4.5 feet in November and December. It’s currently down to around a 2 foot depth as of the end of February. Or in other words, the tree islands are finally starting to dry out. Compare that to WCA2 just upstream where sloughs are currently only holding a half-foot of water. Or consider that in WCA1, water levels never rose above a slough depth of 2.5 feet all year. And finally, it’s only rained about 1 inch since the start of the calendar year in 3A. That’s contributing to the rapid decline.

See similar information for the Lake, Everglades, Big Cypress and more in The Water Room.

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