We are definitely the Everglades of the North. Th…

We are definitely the Everglades of the North. This old glacial lake bed we reside in is one of the flattest places on earth, especially for being so far inland. Our elevation change here averages just 1 foot per mile, so the water tends to flow where it wants to during our spring flooding events.

The Red River Basin is often described as a 4X8 foot piece of plywood, with a piece of paper under one end for a literal description to the flow of the Red River from Fargo to Winnipeg.

Overland flooding can be a huge problem as you just never know for sure where the water is going to go, plus there are no gauges in the fields to help the hydrologists figure out how high the rivers and streams will go.

I think Robert as a hydrologist you would find this area fascinating and your skills would probably translate here pretty well. You need to convince your boss to fly you up to Fargo for our April flood to gather research for your job. 🙂

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