Weeki Wachee

Photographs just don’t do it justice …

Nor does the video (below).

It’s one of those natural wonders you just have to “go to and see.”

Above is a photo of the underwater auditorium (where visitors watch the mermaids swim). The spring is on the right.

Here’s the view of the spring from the auditorium.

(It sort of has the feel of a Jules Verne style submarine.)

On this day the spring was flowing at 73 million gallons per day.

That’s 113 cubic feet per second, or in layman terms around 110 Olympic-sized swimming pools per day.

And if you’re a baseball fan:

Around 3 Fenway Park’s of water (filled to top of the Green Monster in the area of fair play) per day.

It’s a bad year to be rooting for the Red Sox by the way.

Florida’s very own Tampa Rays are in first place.

(I drove by their stadium on my way to the spring!)

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