Wekiwa flows

What’s Florida most famous for?

Its sunshine, beaches, Cape Canaveral, the Everglades to name a few.

But also high on that list are its springs.

How many springs are there in Florida?

There’s over 700 total, but they are still counting — and 33 are what we call “first magnitude” springs. They discharge at a rate of 65 million gallons per day, or around 100 cubic feet per second (cfs).

No other state has more high order springs.

The discharge at Wekiwa Spring is just below that, at 42 million gallons per day, or about 65 cfs.

Those numbers are hard to visualize on paper, and even in person: the water just sort of gurgles up at the surface.

But as luck would have it, I was out on Deer Creek — a tributary to the lower stem of the Susquehanna — earlier this fall when it was flowing at similar flow rate.

That makes for a handy visual comparison, and helps put those flows in more tangible terms.

You can click here to see.

Whats the only way to make those flows 100 percent tangible?

That would be to go see and swim through them for yourself.

You’ll be amazed … and refreshed!

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