Wet season ends strong!

The wet season officially ended in mid October.

Rainy October picks up slack for sub par June:

On the yearly chart, the wet season months
are shown as alternating shades of blue.

The only problem?

October was just getting started.

Not that it’s been 31 days of continuous rain.

Unlike the core summer months of June, July, August and Summer during which south Florida gets a little bit of rain virtually every day, the regular pattern of sea-breeze fed afternoon showers dwindles and dies in mid October. As bountiful a rainfall month as October was, it essentially all fell in just three events.  Or in other words, they were three big storms!

Bare branched cypress trees
are a sure sign of fall.

The result:

Our rainy October made up for a dry June and pushed this year’s wet season rain totals right are around 45 inches.  That’s about average as a total.  However …

There’s something to be said for ending strong!

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