Wet season rain totals not scary … yet

Wet season is long in the tooth …

But it’s not done yet.

The rain chart above shows wet season rain totals (to date) for south Florida’s major basins.  The red bars shows the proportion of rain that fell in the past 30 days.  The white coded bars with a black outline shows the long-term wet season average for each basin.  The Lower Kissimmee’s already reached its wet season rain quota, with most other basins having a good 5-10 inches to go.  

To reach normal each blue bar has to fill up to the top.

One basins already done that — the Lower Kissimmee. And another (Miami Dade) still has another 12 inches to go.

No need to worry (yet), but you should be scared (then):

Each basin has until October 31st.

That’s Halloween.

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