Wet season “waiting game”

Don’t look now,

But in a week’s time – if nothing changes – swamp stage will be lower this year than last.

Hard to believe, right?

Despite last year’s record dry down,

Waters had rebounded with fervor thanks to a late May mid latitudinal cyclone.

We’re still waiting for this year’s signature
“Welcome to the Wet Season” storm.

With a week still to go, May is making a bid at accumulating the lowest “monthly total” of the dry season.

I hesitate to say “least rainy” because quite a few “spot showers” have been popping up here and there …

Some of which have registered local-level deluges (our rain gage at Monument Road teeter-tottered back and forth 319 times on May 19th – that’s 3.19 inches of rain):

There just hasn’t been a regional-scale soaker yet.

Still, that doesn’t diminish
what a wet winter and spring it’s been …
the true metric of which we call “hydroperiod.”

The inner “pond apple” swamps have been
shin deep or higher for 12 months (and running).

Wednesday at 2 pm:

Tune back to see a panoramic photo
of one of the swamp’s most scenic spots.

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