What are watersh-editorials?
It's about giving water a voice at the table

It’s easy to love the water …

But who’s standing up for it when it needs a voice.

Giving water a seat at the table

That’s where Go Hydrology steps up to the plate with its watersh-editorials. What is a watersh-editorial? It’s basically an editorial about water, or some aspect of water or nature (sometimes the trees) that deserves everyone’s attention and deserves being fixed.

I know what your thinking: But isn’t Go Hydrology a place that steers clear of controversy and political camps? And what if we say the wrong thing — could that step on the wrong people’s toes?

To be honest, I doubt it. And isn’t that what Go Hydrology is perfectly positioned to avoid. From Day One, the dialog at Go Hydrology has been about getting to the bottom of what the water in all its forms that both technical experts and lay enthusiasts can enjoy. Water is a great uniter, and something we can all stand, if not behind, then in (even if it is over ankle deep): Here at Go Hydrology we’re all about getting our feet wet. In sum, a watersh-editorial is not about pointing fingers, it’s about putting issues, information and ideas at peoples fingertips so we can all join forces to get the water right.

In my opinion – and I think I speak for the water on this – a civil dialog is a lost art form.


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