When even sloughs go dry

You know it’s dry in Everglades National Park …

When even its deep-water sloughs go dry.

Water has dropped below the slough floor

Usually sloughs hold water all year round, but his spring — just like the one two years ago (i.e., 2009) — has been particularly rainless. Also factoring was a low wet season peak and a tropical-free fall. For example, other than direct rain, the Park’s tree islands have remained “high and dry” for the past two wet seasons. During the typical year the River of Grass finds a way to rise up and into the higher-ground tree islands to some degree.

Hammocky high ground in Everglades Nat’l Park

Waters are low but May is also the bottom out month. The wet season rains will put water on the rise in just a few weeks …

Eventually, maybe, even into the tree islands.

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