When we had our horrible freeze in April of ’07, …

When we had our horrible freeze in April of ’07, what killed our trees, shrubs, and flowers was not that the temperatures were down in the 20’s and below. It was that they were there for about 4-5 days in a row!!!! It was the worst freeze I can remember.

After that freeze, we could drive around the area all over middle TN and the hillsides were totally black.. You know what that black was???? It was all of those new leaves on the trees which had frozen and all turned black. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen!!!

We lost our holly bushes (leaves just gradually fell off), many flowers and some of our roses (even though we had covered them).. The dogwood trees turned brown and so did the azaleas. It was a sad time for us. Maybe I’ll do a blog sometime on the freeze of ’07.

Glad your temps didn’t get that low and didn’t stay there!!!!

Have a good day.

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