Why you still need your watch

Early May rains can be deceiving:

Normal monthly rain totals are already met, meanwhile the weather has once again turned dry.

Click on the links to view
detailed rain charts for each basin

Any rain that falls after May 1st I count in the rainy season half of the year.

But South Florida’s true meteorologic wet season is still waiting to begin.

That usually happens between mid month and Memorial Day.

It in part depends on night-time low temperatures (consistently staying above 70 degrees) but also hinges on the location of regional high pressure systems which — if they perch over the southeast — can stifle the onset of normal sea and land breeze storms. You know the wet season has begun when you can practically set your watch to the afternoon darkening of skies (just don’t plan on being on time — clouds are not as accurate as atomic time).

Appearances are deceiving:
the monthly bar chart shows May at its midway point
to already be full even though the past two weeks
have largely been dry.

In summary, mid May finds us paradoxically well above normal …

Yet in a dry spell waiting for the summer rains to begin.

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