Winter comparison (as south Florida sees it!)

The start of spring is good timing for a winter weather comparison.

The catch is I’m going by Naples, Fla’s definition of winter.

For those who contend Naples doesn’t have winter,
this graph should end that discussion (   :dontknow:  ).

What’s winter in Naples?

Residents of the south peninsula don’t need any reminder of the brutal descent of arctic air that plunges daytime highs below 70° F and nighttime lows below 40° F.

As you can see from the map above,

Naples had 8 days of winter and 3 such nights. Compare that to Orlando which had 24 winter days and 6 winter nights or tundra-bound Tallahassee that recorded 59 days of winter (That adds up to two months!) and 49 nights.

A warm dish of comfort food is a proven way
to stay warm during those cold Naples-style winter days   

The picture grows bleaker by the state as you move north.

Atlanta, Georgia suffered through 137, i.e. four months, of Naples-style winter days and 70 Naples-style winter nights.  (That seems like too much winter for so far south, but then again maybe my definition of winter is wrong?)

Then there is Fargo, North Dakota.  All I can do is shake my head in fright :crybaby:.

At least the Olive Garden there is warm!

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